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  Sex: Male Age: 21

  National: Han origin: Handan in Hebei

  Date of birth: September 10,

  Address are: Beijing Huilongguan

  Education: high school professional: a computer

  Graduate institutions: high school WU School of Handan in Hebei

  Mobile phone: 15888888888

  E-mail: ****@****.cn

  So far the working hours: 2 years


  Position: J2EE Software Engineer (Java / WEB)

  Individual professional skills:

  1. Familiar with the Java-based language, html, JavaScript;

  2. Familiar with J2EE, as well as the core of Jsp, Servlet, JavaBean, xml, ajax, for I have some knowledge about css;

  3. Be able to use the database Oracle, MySql, SqlServler management and configuration data and the use of PowerDesigner modeling tool;

  4. Familiar with the JDBC database connectivity;

  5. Familiar with the WEB server Jboss, Tomcat, WebLogic, such as the installation and configuration;

  6. Familiar with Eclipse, Jbuilder, and other development tools;

  7. MVC have layered software design and hierarchical design, skilled use of Struts, Spring, Hibernate, and other lightweight framework;

  8. Object-Oriented Analysis and Design System.

  9. Understanding of SOA

  Project experience:

  ● Handan Kairui company service hotline Network

  Time: September 2006 -07 in March

  Development Environment: Win2000, tomcat, SqlServer, JDK1.4.2_10;

  Tools: Eclipse 3.2